Colorado Drives #1

Michael and I take a lot of joy out of simply getting in a car and coasting through the mountains. Especially during summer when the mountain air is just slightly cooler than down in the Denver area. All those curves through the valleys! No words can describe how it feels.

One such drive we love isn’t too far from the Denver area and a fairly scenic drive. Once you get to the town of Evergreen, take Bear Creek Road, drive over to Evergreen Parkway, and then over to Stage Coach Boulevard, over to Witer Gulch Road, and then over to Squaw Pass Road, back to Evergreen Parkway, and finally onto I-70.

Don’t get too absorbed in the fun corners though, because you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for all the impressive wildlife Colorado has to offer. We drove this way back in April and stumbled across the largest elk herd we’ve ever seen. There were around 100 of them! It was so impressive, and we weren’t the only ones to stop and stare. This is yet another reason why you should drive in Colorado with your camera in your car. You never know when you might need that nifty zoom that smartphones haven’t quite nailed.

You can find the elk photos in our “Other Images” and just search for April 2019.

Another drive we love? Mount Lindo. Again, it’s not too far from the Denver area, and once you get to the top, you will receive a marvelous view of downtown Denver - maybe one of the best views of downtown I’ve ever seen. This simple drive only requires you to take US 285 into the mountains, and then turn onto South Turkey Creek Road, and then you’ll want to take the next road on your left. This road will be a dirt road, that’s barely big enough for two cars, so be mindful of the others coming and going. It also has opening and closing hours, so double check before you go.

This scenic area is also a cemetery, so please be polite to those resting there, and take some time to wander around and pay them a visit. It can be interesting to read over peoples’ tombstones. If you park at the very top (as far as they let you drive), you'll want to walk towards the Eastside, and there you’ll find a great view of downtown.

Once you’re done taking photos, you can go back to Denver the same way, or you can take a different route home. You’ll want to continue on South Turkey Creek Road, onto South Deer Creek Canyon Road, and then onto Wadsworth, and then you can use 470 to get back to Denver.

Again, we will have pictures up in the “Other Images” section for May 2019.

Hope you enjoy these suggestions for some simple drives. Or we just hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

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