Colorado Drives #3 and a Colorado Festival

Michael and I were browsing the internet on an August morning, trying to figure out what to do during a weekend in the summer, and then we wondered across a hilarious festival in Evergreen, Colorado… The Dam Ducky Derby! And the decision was made with ease. We would go and find out more.

They have several parking lots to chose from with free buses running between them and the town. We found the best parking lot to be Church of the Hills. Barely anyone was parked there, and the buses run about every 10 minutes, so we recommend parking there for a stress-free day of fun.

Once we rode our bus into town, we walked around the tents they had set up, most oriented towards children. There was one Michael, and I loved though. It was a tent with a race Miata, and the very last ducky to finish the race would be able to ride along in the Miata. It was the first time Michael and I wished our duck would be the last!

Michael and I bought 6 ducks for about $25 (we could be wrong, and this price could change each year). They give you the numbers that are written on the bottom of your ducks, and while you wait for the race, you can get your face painted, or look at any of the several stalls. While you’re there, you can also check out the local stores and restaurants. We decided to stop by a local restaurant called Maya’s Cantina and Grill. We ordered their steak fajitas, and they were amazingly delicious. The meat was succulent, and the tortillas were soft and delicious.

We recommend getting a spot along the bridge, where they drop the ducks, at least 30 minutes beforehand. It is a popular viewing spot, and if you’re late, you might be behind too many people to see the water clearly. Once they drop the ducks, everyone slowly follows them down the river. It takes an hour or two before they announce the winners, so Michael and I headed home, because they have your number associated with your duck, so you don’t need to hang around if you’ve seen everything there is to be seen.

And that is the Dam Ducky Derby they hold in Evergreen, Colorado.

Next on the list is one of our favorite drives, Guanella Pass. The worst, or the best time to go, depending on how you look at it is the Fall when the aspen begin to change color. You can get stuck behind a large number of cars as you slowly go up and then back down, and there are barely any parking spots. We find that the middle of the summer is more relaxing if large crowds aren’t your thing.

As you go up Guanella Pass from Grant, Colorado, there is a waterfall about halfway up. Usually, there are other cars parked around there, so you should be able to find it. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see from the road, and there aren’t many good signs to look out for. You might be able to hear the water if you drive with your windows open. Park along the road, and then hike back to the several waterfalls, and remember to have fun and don’t leave any trash! It’s one of the best spots that we only just discovered this year, despite going up several times.

There are also many different hiking routes you can find off of the Guanella Pass. So, bring your camera, water bottle, hiking boots, and sunblock! Have fun, and maybe we’ll see you up there.

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