Colorado Drives #2

If you’re visiting or live in the Denver area, then a great drive would be Mount Evans. We recommend a higher clearance vehicle. We went in Michael’s CTS V Cadillac, and we ended up scraping the underside of the car on a bump even though the road is paved. We also recommend you be okay with heights because the roads don’t have barriers. It’s just you, the side of the mountain, and a significant drop-off.

The best way to get to Mount Evans from the Denver area would be to take I-70 West to CO-103 and then up CO-5 South. Bring a lunch with you and enjoy the beautiful views while you eat. And don’t forget to bring some layers with you, even during July. It can be 80-90 F in Denver and 40 F or below at the top of Mount Evans.

We had a couple of Danish friends come to our wedding in July, so we took them up Mount Evans to give them the Colorado experience. I think they enjoyed it, and we saw almost every animal you could see; bighorn sheep, white mountain goats, marmots, and chipmunks.

As you’re driving up the mountain, don’t forget to make a stop at the lake at the base of the mountain. It’s absolutely beautiful, and if you park and walk along the path, you’ll find yourself at one of the best views down a massive valley with a few small lakes. And if you’re fortunate you’ll see all the wildlife we listed above, and maybe more.

Don’t forget your camera, and enjoy your drive!

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