Aarhus, Denmark, Part 3

This will be the last post about our trip to Denmark, and Aarhus in particular!

I know we do this a lot, but we visited the Botanical Gardens in Aarhus, and it was fabulous. It has to be one of the better Botanical Gardens we’ve been to in the world. Walk in the front doors and then put anything you don’t want on you in their lockers. It takes money, but it gives the money back when you open the locker, so make sure you have some money on you! We went in early spring, so we didn’t want to wear our coats through the gardens since some of them are inside where it was hot and humid. Once inside, follow it along as you take pictures of beautiful flowers and exotic plants. One spot we enjoyed was the wooden platform inside. You’ll have to walk up a couple of flights of wooden stairs to reach the top, but from there you’ll have a great view at the top of the inside gardens, and it’s an excellent spot for photos as you’ll see in our Denmark Images section. But don’t just stay inside, you’ll also want to travel outside to see their outdoor gardens. Since we were there in spring, we got to enjoy lots of yellow daffodils. Before leaving, don’t forget to have a light lunch, breakfast, or snack at their little cafe. Yum!

One of the best activities in Aarhus would have to be the Den Gamle By (The Old City). It’s an area where they’ve collected old buildings to preserve history and show how life would have been in Denmark through the ages. It’s very extensive, so you’ll want to make sure you have at least half a day to a full day to explore inside. There are reenactors inside who you can ask questions if you have any. This is another excellent place for photos. If you’d like a carriage ride, you’re in luck! They have a horse and carriage to take you around the city. It’d be great for those traveling couples. They also have a great gift shop, where you can pick up some snaps and some snaps glasses to bring back to your home. As you explore, be sure to stop by the working bakery they have within the park. You can even buy food from them! Some are traditional danish, but they also have a couple of other treats. So treat your sweet tooth and enjoy! We highly recommend this!

If you’ve been traveling around Aarhus, then you’ve probably seen a giant round rainbow on top of a square building. That would be ARoS, which is an art museum. This is probably the only time I (Lily) have enjoyed walking through a museum. They always have something interesting. When we went, they had a moving art piece where people followed large bowling balls through a section of the building, and it was a lot of fun. After you’re done seeing the art, make sure you go all the way to the top floor and up to the roof where you can walk around the inside of the large rainbow, which is another art piece. From there you can see Aarhus in different colors, and once more, it is a great place for photos.

Are you looking for something relaxing? Or want to go shopping? We recommend walking along the river/canal in Aarhus. It will give you the European city feel and walk you past several places to shop and eat. Sit down and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the river.

If you’re looking something free that also is impressive to photograph, then look no further than Møllestein. It’s a small side street with colorful houses. It’s Aarhus’s rainbow row. If you get there early, you’ll beat the flock of tourists. Otherwise, you might have to wait for the tourist group to pass through before snapping your own pictures.

Michael and I were really impressed with Aarhus. It has the feel of a college town, without the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen. Overall? We will be coming back to Aarhus. The train system isn’t as extensive as Copenhagen, but you can use the buses. It’s not as convenient, but the city has a lot to offer, and you could rent a bike. Next time, we will be renting a car.

Vi elsker Aarhus og Denmark!