5 Best Towns in Colorado to Visit (According to Us)

These Colorado mountain towns are in no particular order. Each though has been a favorite of mine or Michael’s over the past few years, and we want to share why we love each so very much!

First up is Breckenridge. Now this town holds a little more meaning to it for Michael than myself, because he and his family have been going here for well over a decade. It’s their favorite place to ski, but not only that, it has kept the mountain town feel that some other ski resorts lack. It’s known for its fabulous restaurants like the Swiss Haven and the beautiful scenery that surrounds the whole area. Even if you don’t feel like skiing or dealing with the cold and snow in the winter, it is still stunning to come during the summer. And unlike the winter, the summer allows easier hiking and driving among the amazing Colorado roads.

Next up is Morrison, which has to be our favorite town ever. If we could live in the town of Morrison, I think we would, but for now, we will have to settle for living nearby. The small town offers a lot of knick-knack shops and local restaurants. We also love it because Morrison is the town that Bandimere Speedway is in, and we love our drag racing. If you’re ever interested, they usually run from May to October depending on whether, and on Wednesday nights anyone is allowed to come and race whatever they have. It’s a blast, and if you’re looking for something a little more competitive they have some fun bracket racing on Saturdays! This small town is unsuspecting, but if you drive up 8, you’ll find yourself on one of our favorite driving roads. Just remember the unspoken rule of mountain driving… if someone catches up to you, pull over when you have a chance and let them pass.

Another great town we have here in Colorado would have to be Georgetown. Again, there are many great local shops to spend money at and several restaurants, although Michael and I have yet to stop and sample the cuisine. If you’re into drives like we are, then you can’t forget to come here in the late spring, summer, or fall when the aspen are changing colors, because Georgetown is the gateway to the Guanella Pass. It can be a bit crowded during the fall because of the aspen, but I would brave the crowds to see it during that particular season. It just can’t be missed! And if you’re lucky like us you might even see some moose, bighorn sheep or bears!

Estes Park is another favorite of ours. We used to come up here and rent a cabin. If you can find yourself a cabin up on one of the mountainsides… it is just the best view when you wake up. Estes Park is another town known for its hiking and wildlife. If you come up here from September to October, you’ll most likely hear the elk bugling during their mating season. And if you’re looking for a scenic drive, we’d recommend driving up 34, although it could get busy during the summer when people are coming to visit. One thing we did enjoy, was getting a massage next to the river, and we were lucking enough to have an elk join us for the experience!

Buena Vista is the last mountain town we’re going to talk about, but it isn’t the least favorite. We once went up here, and the roads leading up here were scenic and breathtaking. And the small town doesn’t disappoint. It has a small main road like most of the mountain towns we’ve spoken of, but you can find plenty of great restaurants like Simple Eatery & Spoon It Up. The prices are amazing… especially if you come from an expensive area like Denver… we couldn’t believe it when we ordered some bread with a beer cheese dip, and they brought out a whole loaf… we do not get an entire loaf in Denver for such a low price! We also enjoyed staying at Surf Hotel & Chateau. We stayed in one of the chateaus and loved the experience. Next time, we want to rent one of the chateaus on the riverfront, and although we went during winter, we still enjoyed it immensely. I highly recommend this little town. We know we can’t wait to get back up there to explore some more and maybe do some outdoor activities!

Hope this helps you when you’re wondering which mountain town to visit next in Colorado!