To Denmark!

This week, Michael and I are heading off to Denmark! And we can’t tell you how excited we are!

It’s been a few years since we were there, and it was a special time for us because Michael proposed in Denmark. What a great man! And not only that but he proposed at my favorite castle, Kronborg Slot. So romantic! Now that we are going back for a Danish friend’s wedding, we are bringing my mother and step-father so we can finally share the Denmark experience with them and show them the castle that Michael proposed at!

We are mainly going because of my friend’s wedding. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have scheduled this vacation. But who can resist an international wedding? I can’t wait to experience the cultural differences between an American and a Danish wedding. There are some interesting Danish traditions that not all Danish brides do. There’s an interesting tradition where the groom will disappear, and all the male guests will kiss the bride and same for the groom when the bride disappears. Another funny one is a tradition of cutting the groom’s socks and tie with scissors! How funny! There’s also a tradition, or superstition more like that all the guests have to eat a piece of the cake or the marriage will have ill luck. There are a few others, but these were the ones that we found the most interesting. Makes an American wedding seem boring in contrast!

Other than the wedding, we plan on exploring Copenhagen some more together and doing some things with my mom and step-dad. We also plan on a small day trip to Malmo, Sweden, and then we plan on heading over to Aarhus. As many might know, I, Lily, was an exchange student in Denmark 7-8 years ago, maybe more, I can’t remember, but I lived in the Copenhagen area, so I’m excited to get to Jutland to explore a little more of Denmark. Also, I can’t wait to practice my Danish once more. I know after so many years, it’s going to be horrible, but I will most definitely do my best, and I plan on buying more books in Danish and maybe some movies, so I can continue to keep the Danish that I have.

So, get ready for some fun photos, and maybe some videos of our time in Denmark. And a lot of fun blog posts!

Below are some easy/beginner Danish words for interested people!

Hej = Hello

Farvel = Goodbye

Ja = Yes

Nej = No

Undskyld = Excuse me

Tak = Thank you

Jeg hedder…. = My name is….

And a good one to always know is:

Hjælp = help

If you have any interest in learning Danish, I highly recommend Babbel or Duolingo. So far, I’ve been very impressed with them.