Breckenridge, Colorado

So, Michael and I have officially moved into our new house! We are so excited to get away from the hustle and bustle of living near downtown Denver, and now we are out in the burbs, which is excellent. Not to mention that backyard we now have. I’m eager for spring so that I can get planning and planting. The previous owners did nothing with the backyard, leaving us a blank slate!

Other than getting our house ready and buying furniture, we’ve discovered a few great places around our new town: Littleton.

If you’re looking for some Italian near Morrison or Littleton, then you need to stop by Antonio’s: Pizza, Pasta, Wings. The portion sizes are enormous, so we HIGHLY recommend ordering one dish for two people. The food there is so good, you will overstuff yourself because you just can’t stop eating! Michael had the gnocchi which was melt in your mouth delicious, and I had the spinach calzone, which was bigger than my face but stuffed to the brim with spinach. We were really impressed, and we will most definitely be back for more.

Something else we did this weekend when Michael’s parents came out, that was fun was searching for the perfect bar in the area, and we definitely had fun with Michael’s parents. We explored Blue Spruce, Grist, and Living The Dream. Each had delicious beer, but the one glass that stood out to me had to be the Passionfruit beer at Blue Spruce. It actually tasted like you’d bitten into an alcoholic passionfruit. I don’t know who had more fun exploring the nearby micro-breweries, his parents or us! We always enjoy spending time with them.

The next day, we headed up to Breckenridge, and the drive up here went uneventful, unlike a few years ago when Michael and I drove up, and it took 6 hours! From Denver to Breck, it usually takes about an hour or so.

This year, Michael and I won’t go skiing or snowboarding, but we do plan on exploring Breck and possibly doing some other activities. We forgot our good camera at home so that we won’t have amazing photos, but we still have our phones to take photos. Sad face. Oh well!

When we first came in, we stopped by Pho Real on Main St for some lunch. Michael and I shared a small bowl of pho with beef broth and rare steak with the veggies on the side, and then I asked for an extra bowl, because again this is the type of place where sharing is important! Another spot that we love stopping by, and they always seem to be busy.

Michael and I ate at Crepe A La Carte on Main street, but while we were waiting in line we realized that they now have a second location! The second location opened right after we left Breck last year, and it’s an actual brick and mortar store. If you want the experience of getting a crepe right off the street, then we recommend the cart, but if you’ve already done it or want to be inside a warm building, then we recommend going to the second location.

How do you get to the second location? They have a map at the first original location, but all you have to do is cross over Main St, and then walk the alley on the south side of Yolo, go past the firepit, and keep going south until you either see crazy colored lights or the stairs that lead up to a blue covered patio. Now just walk up the stairs and go inside. Enjoy!

We also enjoyed some appetizers and drinks at Motherloaded, which is a favorite of Michael’s family, and we all know why. It has a good atmosphere and delicious food. Their wings we finger licking good, and their mule with one of their infused alcohols was yummy! Not only do they have the bar in the front of the building, but there is also a bar in the back if you follow the long hallway all the way. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on a gem!

We also wanted to quickly mention that we found out that Breck sells ski passes for your pets. No, your pets don’t get to go up with you, but it only costs $10, and it helps a local animal shelter. You also get a ski pass with your pet’s face on it! How funny!

Other than that, we haven’t explored much else, but we’ve also only been here for a day! See you all next Monday. As always, we will update photos throughout the week, and we will try to get some new videos up on our Youtube channel!