Littleton, Colorado

Okay! If you’re on Instagram, then you know I promised a few people that I would make a blog post about how to make the play stand Michael created for Kumquat a couple of years ago. Now that I’ve had time to think about it though, I think it might be better communicated in a video on Youtube. It will be so much better as a Youtube video. Promise!

In other news, Michael and I are having a lot of fun exploring our new area, and we’ve found a couple of great places!

We found a butcher shop not too far away called Tony’s Meat Market. It’s like a WholeFoods, but on a smaller scale both physically in shop space but also there aren’t too many of them in the US. It’s an interesting place, and it offers a lot of things a regular grocery wouldn’t, like langoustines, which I have never seen in a US supermarket. So, we are excited to try them out and see how it goes. However, we will miss being near Oliver’s in Denver. If you are looking for a great local butcher, then nothing can beat Oliver’s. When you see them hauling in the whole sheep, you know the meat is fresh. Michael and I might make a stop there every once in a while and load up on meat because we still have yet to find anything better than Oliver’s meats.

We found a great place to grab some food and a beer at a local pub called The Lucky Dog. We’ve driven past it several times, and we finally made a stop, and oh boy! It looks small and insignificant from the outside, but let me tell you that it is deceiving. Not only is it large inside, but they have a great outdoor area if it was summer. The food there was terrific! Michael ordered some sort of tater tot appetizer for his dinner, and it smelled fantastic. It was covered in cheese and green chile with pulled pork! I had a salad, because I’m trying to be good, but I most definitely stole a couple of bites off his plate. We would come here again, no doubt.

Other than that, we’ve been working hard on getting things moved into the new house and getting the motorhome ready get some repairs done. If only the snow would stop because it’s hard to move and get a motorhome ready when it’s snowing and frigid out.

A short post, but as we get settled, we will explore the area around us more, and the posts will grow longer!