Best Restaurants and Bars in Breckenridge 2019

While Michael and I were in Breckenridge with his family, we enjoyed several restaurants and bars. Here are the ones we think are worth mentioning!

We enjoyed dinner down at Motherloaded, but Michael and I both agreed that their bar was better than the food. If you haven’t been, this restaurant has a theme centered around mothers! There are several murals of women holding babies and many motherly sayings on the walls. Their food is pretty good, but I think Michael and I enjoyed the drinks there the most. We got a 32oz. Moscow mule, which we shared of course! There was no way I would have been able to finish such a large drink without his help! After dinner, Michael and I split off from the family group and went to Downstairs at Eric’s where they not only have a restaurant and bar but video games! They have Mario Cart, Big Buck Hunt (or whatever that hunting game is called), Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Skee Ball, and so many more! We spent a couple of fun hours there having a blast and drinking. But be careful, because they serve their drinks strong! Remember to drink safely!

If you’re looking for a good breakfast place or a coffee shop that also has a liquor license, then you need to head over to The Crown. The Crown is a must visit in our minds. They have mimosas, which is a Thomas Family favorite, and in my opinion, Lily, the best way to start the morning off! There is limited seating, so I recommend coming before the morning rush or right before the afternoon rush. After enjoying a couple of hours at the cafe, we met Michael’s parents over at La Francaise, where there are some delicious sandwiches you can buy for lunch. I enjoyed a prosciutto and brie sandwich, and Michael enjoyed a Mozzarella sandwich. Their food is always top-notch! Michael and I also picked up a beignet from them, but it was more croissant than beignet. But who can complain about fried dough? They have so many dessert or sweet breakfast items for those that are interested, so this could also be an excellent place for some breakfast.

Michael’s parents were kind enough to treat us to some Briar Rose, which is a nice chop house in Breckenridge. Michael and I enjoyed the lamb, although even with us sharing, it ended up being way too much food! Definitely, a place to share your meals! The whole group walked away with so many leftovers, but everything was delicious. Michael and I could happily eat there every time we go to Breckenridge, Colorado. It can be loud in the dining room, but if you have a smaller table, it will be easier to hear. Enjoy, because we are pretty sure you can’t order wrong here!

For another dinner, all of us went down to Wasabi, which is a favorite stop on these family vacations to Breckenridge. It was, of course, was delicious! Michael and I also enjoy sharing something like Nigiri or Sashimi with maybe a roll or two thrown in. We also split an appetizer of the calamari, and I have no idea what they put in their batter, but mmmm it was so good that I had to eat the crumbs. Then we all ran over to the Crepe stand on Main St because nothing is better than a warm crepe on a cold winter night. Michael likes trying things like smores, but I like to order something more classic like powdered sugar and strawberries.

Another restaurant Michael and I look forward to every year has to be The Swiss Haven. If you haven’t been, you need to go! It won’t be a cheap dinner, especially if you get a bottle of wine, but this has to be the best restaurant his parents have taken us to in Breckenridge. It is such a fun and interactive dinner with the Raclette grill and the cheese fondue for an appetizer. Love it! Who can go wrong with copious amounts of melted cheese?

Michael and I also enjoyed lunch at The Lost Cajun. It doesn’t look like much from the outside or the inside, but let me reassure you that the food inside is something you have to taste to believe. Michael and I shared an order of their hush puppies, which were fried to perfection and had a bit of a kick to them with heat. The server gave us a sampler tray of their gumbos, and it made the decision of what to order hard, but with a little time, we were able to finally narrow it down. We enjoyed sharing a cup of their chicken and sausage gumbo. Then I got an order of beignets to go!

If you’re looking for a fantastic bar in Breckenridge, look no further than Apres. It’s a bar without any food, which is why I got the beignets to go. We went there a couple of times because they have an extensive alcohol list. I really enjoyed a drink called Ruby Mountain, which is a mix of a smoky mezcal and a spice malbec. Who knew you could combine those two things and it would work!

We hope this helps you to discover some great local places to go when you stop by Breckenridge!

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