Under Contract For A House!

Michael and I are so excited to be under contract for a house! Gosh! It has been a wild ride for us to say the least. We got into a bidding war for the house, lost the bidding war, and continued to search the Front Range for our house. Then we got a call from our agent saying that the other buyers had backed out, and we jumped at the chance to grab it back! And we did! An inspection issue scared the other buyers away, but because Lily’s family works in the real estate world, we knew we could handle it. So now we are under contract, and it feels great! I know Michael is interested in moving out of my parent’s and into his own house, and I don’t blame him. It’s nice to have your “own space”.

As we talk about the house, Michael and I have already picked out where in the house we will put the bird cages and how their bird area will be set up. I can’t wait to get all the bird stuff in and see how the birds react to the house. Hopefully, they love it, since they don’t get a choice! Ha!

Other than complicated house stuff, Michael has been working, and I’ve been writing.

On Sunday, we took a scenic drive of the Colorado mountains, which is something that we love, which is why we can’t wait to live close to the mountains. Canyon drives in the GTI are just the best, and once summer comes, you can expect more drives being mentioned, because it’s an easy way of enjoying the mountains and all they have to offer if you aren’t into hiking. I will point out that now that Michael and I will live near the mountains, we will probably be hiking almost every weekend if we aren’t racing!

Anyways, the drive we took was up Coal Creek Canyon and then over to Golden Gate Canyon. We got some impressive views of the Colorado white tipped peaks and the lovely pine trees. The curves of these two roads make them excellent choices for anyone looking to escape the city and have a little fun with their car. There are also several spots where you can pull over and take some shots of the mountains, so be on the lookout!

Other than that Michael has been looking at getting himself a pickup truck! He’s decided that a small pickup truck will make him a great daily driver and at some point, he might get a fun car, but that will be down the road. He also likes the idea of the pickup truck for all the Home Depot, and local garden center runs we will be making. What can we say? We love gardening and turning our backyard into the perfect little oasis for us.

When it comes to the backyard of the house, I, Lily can’t wait to get some backyard chickens again. We owned a few before the RV journey, and they can be a blast if you have the time for their needs. And this property will be great for a few chickens. They can help me keep the bugs away and help recycle some kitchen scraps. When we get closer to having chickens, I might do a few posts about chicken care in case anyone is interested.

Other than that, it’s been fairly uneventful for us.

Here are some plans for 2019:

Breckenridge (planned)

Denmark (planned)

Our wedding plus two or three more weddings in the family

Maybe some long or short weekend trips, but we will see how the year goes.

Maybe a trip to the Caribbean in late fall, but again we will have to see how the year goes.