Exploring Colorado and Talking About Cruises

This last week was relatively uneventful, but Michael and I did take his new truck up into the mountains for a little drive. We took some excellent photos of the mountains that we can’t wait to share with you all.

We drove up to Gross Dam, which is frozen, and absolutely stunning at this time of the year. When we drove up, the weather was pretty decent, with only a light wind. If you’re into winter hiking, Gross Dam might be a place of interest. A sign was posted that moose might be active in the area at this time of the year… but we didn’t see any. Too bad! That could’ve been fun! After we were done there, we drove on a dirt road past the dam and further into the mountains. On our way, we found several great places to take photos, places where you didn’t even have to get out of your vehicle if you didn’t wish.

That was our week. This next week we plan on going to get the RV and drive it back to Colorado. The process of our house buying is going smooth, and we should have a house in the next couple weeks!

Now, talking about cruises…

If you follow us on Twitter, then you know we’ve been sharing photos and videos from our last cruise. Michael is unsure if he wants to go on another because the one we went on was a Royal Caribbean that didn’t seem to have properly working stabilizers. I’m now determined to have him go on another because, out of the eight or so cruises I’ve been on, I only have bad memories of two, including this Royal Caribbean. Usually, my family enjoys Princess cruises, which usually are a little more expensive and have an older crowd. Michael and I are old souls, in the way that we enjoy peace and quiet. So, I’m still working on him for another cruise… maybe on Crystal, Princess, or Celebrity.

A little money saving tip…. look on VacationsToGo.com for deals on cruises. Sometimes, you can find cruises up to 80% off because VacationsToGo buys tickets from the cruise line and they can sell them cheaper than booking on the cruise line website. They’ve also recently added some cheaper excursions to their Caribbean cruises.

Soon, we will be going to Breckenridge, and we are extremely excited about this because we can’t wait to bring our good camera up there and find places to get some awesome shots. If anyone likes our photos, please know that we are selling some on Shutterstock.com - https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Cruising+Caique

As always, every week, once or twice, we have new videos up on Youtube! Soon, we will get a few more RV related ones! Have a great week, and I will update the Images section throughout the week!