Still House Hunting

Sorry for the late post, Michael and I have been enjoying the holidays and time with family.

Recently, we met up with Michael’s sister in Boulder and enjoyed a lovely lunch at Zoe Ma Ma. This has to be one of our favorite spots in Colorado. If you love Asian street food, like bowls of noodles, pot stickers, and bao buns, then this is the place for you! There is limited seating, so you’ll want to go early or get your food to go.

Afterward, we enjoyed a coffee at the nearby Ozo Coffee Co. It’s about a minute walk away, and the coffee was excellent. Michael had his usual mocha, and I had a matcha latte, which can look unappealing with its green coloring but tastes delicious. The baristas even created cute little floral designs in the foam.

On the housing front, Michael and I are still searching for the right property. Hopefully, it won’t take too much longer, because we would love to get back into a routine with the birds. Thankfully, Kumquat and Lemon have been great sports about the whole thing, but right now we are living with my parents (Lily’s), and as much fun as that might sound, we are ready for our own space.

And once we have a house, we can start selling our houses and the RV! But, again, don’t worry about the travel side of our blog. We intend on going up to Breck with Michael’s family, we have a Denmark trip already planned, and we are thinking about doing some short or long weekend trips throughout the year. And there are talks about going back to Cozumel in early 2020! Fun!

Wish us luck as we try to find a house/travel/life balance.