Wedding Planning and More House Planning

This week has been taken up by so many things and left us no time to explore our beautiful state, but don’t worry, once life calms down, we plan on exploring and sharing all the interesting activities Colorado has to offer.

On the personal front, Michael and I are getting wedding things finalized. We recently had a tasting for the wedding, which was a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love to get to sample a whole bunch of tiny finger food? Yum! We also found a DJ for our wedding, which I was extremely thankful for since I’d been procrastinating on it. Now we can finally send out our RSVP’s to family and friends. There are still a lot of things I need to get done, but they’ll get done in time.

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know Michael bought himself a truck! He’s excited about his new car because it already has dings and scratches so it will make the perfect beater truck for him. He is planning on having me use it when we do Home Depot runs, or garden center runs, so I also test drove it. And thankfully the truck isn’t too large for me. It will take a little while for me to get used to, but I’m glad he chose a Nissan Frontier. Michael now wants to find a bumper sticker for the truck that reads, “Space the final” and then put it over the badge “Frontier” so he can make a Star Trek reference. A man after my heart! Love it! So, if you know where to get one, let me know!

On the housing front, everything is going great! We are still on time to close and take possession. Michael and I are eager to get into the house and get all our stuff moved in! It’s going to be a lot of work and stressful, but we are ready to make the house our own.

Then comes the furniture front! Michael and I’ve decided we will buy our own furniture, instead of loaning family furniture. Just last night we purchased a master bedroom bed, and we can’t wait to show you all. It’s so awesome, and we also decided on a dining room table that has a leaf so that we can seat more people during dinner parties. Now we just need to figure out when and what we want to buy for the den/media center, guest bedroom, and living area. Thankfully, I’ve got an antique desk that was passed down to me, so only Michael will need a new desk for the office.

We will also be joining Michael’s family in Breck, and we can’t wait for that. There are some yummy places to eat, like that Crepe place on the main street. Yum!

See you all next week unless you join us on Instagram or Twitter! And don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel: Cruising Caique.