Philadelphia, PA Week 1

Michael and I have enjoyed our stay in this area. We are about an hour to an hour and a half North of Philadelphia. We haven't gone into the city, because we decided we wanted a more relaxing couple of weeks. We've visited many cities on this journey, and we needed a change of pace.

So, instead of doing city stuff, we decided to hit up the Hamburger Festival that Hamburg, PA hosted. We have some awesome pictures for all of you to look at, and Lily will do her best to get those up tonight and tomorrow.

While we were at the Hamburger Festival, we started with dessert. There was this cute little stand selling cookies and cupcakes decorated to look like hamburgers and french fries! They had the right idea! We ordered a burger cupcake, which had brownie as the "patty"! How cute! Don't worry. We got a picture so we could show you all. Then we headed over to a soda stand where you could buy either a tin or a steel cup, which you could then refill for cheaper. Michael really wanted something to drink, and he loves big cups, so we bought a tin one for him! We have a picture of him and his tin cup to show all of you as well!

After that, we walked around the festival that attracts 40,000 people! It was one of the largest festivals we have ever attended! We were so surprised by the number of vendors and attendees! Amazing! We had a burger, unfortunately, I can't remember what the name of the stand was, but the burger and fries were delicious!

After that, we headed over to some wineries not too far away from the festival. One was the Folino Winery, and the wines were decent. We ended up finding one bottle that we wanted to buy, but we found most the wines to be too musky for our liking. Then we went down the street to the Pinnacle Winery, and that was pretty good! We found two bottles there that we wanted to buy and the wines were decent. I definitely thought they both had good atmospheres for a wine tasting.

We drove over to WK&S Railroad and rode the train! It was a lot of fun. They have an open-air train car or another covered old fashioned train car. Michael and I decided to sit in the covered portion because it no one wanted to sit in there and because we thought it gave the ride a little more history and an excellent ambiance to the ride. It was about a 40-minute ride, and it only cost $10 a person, so pretty cheap for an awesome day. They also had a museum of toy trains, which we did not take a look at since we were there only for the train ride.

On Monday, Michael and I decided to keep it low key and go to the local butcher to grab some scrapple and beef bones. We liked the scrapple, which is described as everything but the oink. We probably wouldn't search it out, but we would probably eat it again. It was like a plain breakfast sausage. We've had bone marrow before, so we decided we wanted to try some local bone marrow and make it ourselves. It was delicious! Bone marrow might seem scary, but it isn't. Have your butcher cut the beef bones in half, bring them home, line a cooking tray with tin foil, turn the oven to 450 F, and cook the bones for 15 minutes. Delicious! You can even season them, which we do with a little salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper for those who like heat and maybe even some rosemary. Think of bone marrow like steak but 10x better!

And that's what we did for this Labor Day Weekend!