Berlin, OH

Michael and I stayed in Berlin, Ohio for a week. We had planned on staying a couple of weeks like we normally do, but we needed to meet up with Michael’s family near Louisville, Kentucky before their schedules got busy. We enjoy the flexibility the RV lifestyle has afforded us, and we look forward to being able to visit all the family he has in this area.

Berlin was amazing! Seriously! It was the lifestyle Michael, and I would like to live once we settle down and live in a house again. I would’ve loved to spend another week, or maybe more. The laid-back countryside is what it’s all about.

We learned a lot while we were there about the Amish and their lifestyle. It was nice to finally be able to talk to them instead of only reading what the internet says. They are super friendly, and there is a great museum not too far from Berlin, the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center. It’s definitely worth it to pay for both of the tours. Michael and I were the only ones in the second tour and having some one on one time to speak with someone from the Amish community was fantastic.

Other than learning about the Amish, we visited the Guggisberg Cheese Factory near Berlin. It’s nothing super amazing, but we did enjoy the taste of their cheeses, and we bought a couple of packages. They don’t appear to make cheese on Saturdays, so make sure to call ahead if you’re hoping to see how cheese is made.

We stayed at Berlin RV Park, and we highly recommend staying there. The internet was fast, if a bit spotty at times, and the spots were nice and large. Though a bit hilly with uneven spots and divots in the road, we really did enjoy our time there. The park is in between Berlin and Millersburg, which makes it super convenient.

There was a small hiking area adjacent to the RV park that was a lot of fun to walk. We also enjoyed having fires in the fire pit and just sitting outdoors in the warm but pleasant weather.