Philadelphia, PA Week 2

Week 2 was filled with a lot of relaxing, working, and getting ready for our long trip over to Ohio! Thankfully, our journey was uneventful, despite the constant downpour of rain. Before we left, we made one last stop at Deidrich's Meat Market to pick up some squab, partridge, and beef marrow bones!

Unfortunately, we weren't a fan of the RV park we stayed at, so we won't be mentioning it in our blog!

We will only be in the Ohio area for a week, which is way too little for me (Lily), but there's nothing we can do about that. I suppose we will have to make another RV trip over to this area at some point.

We are staying in the middle of the country, and it is absolutely beautiful. Passing horse-drawn buggies in the RV was a bit interesting, but also fun to see!

We can't wait to explore the area and see what there is to see!