Buffalo, NY

Michael and I arrived in Buffalo on July 1st! Once we arrived, we did a lot of family visiting on Michael's side. We both enjoyed seeing his aunt, uncle, and grandmother. It was such a lovely time. If it wasn't for rving, we aren't sure when we would've been able to get out here, and I know Michael had wanted to see his grandmother again.

After all the catching up, we did go over to Canada! We saw Niagara Falls and boy was it crowded! The last time we came to Buffalo, it was late winter, and there was no one around. This time, it was summer, and there were so many people! We decided to go up Skylon Tower on the Canadian side so that we could see the Falls over the heads of the crowds below. It worked like a charm! Just remember to bring your passport! If you don't care about seeing the Falls up close and just want a good view, we recommend the Skylon Tower. They even have a gift shop on the very top! Enjoy the sights of the city and the Falls.

Not only did we see the Falls, but we also drove a little further into Canada and went over to Inniskillin! I don't know about Michael, but this has to be my favorite winery to visit, not that I've been to many! They have some delicious ice wine, and they offer tours of their facility! They even have samples of their table wines and ice wines. Their ice wines are definitely on the expensive side, but well worth it. Our favorite ice wine would be their Cabernet Franc, which tastes like strawberries. Delicious! We even found a favorite table wine on our latest visit, their Susse Riesling. Yum! A special thanks to his parents for buying us a few bottles of wine! It wasn't needed but was appreciated!

On July 4th, we didn't see go to see fireworks, because we wanted to remain nearby in case the sounds scared the birds. But we were able to see a firework show from our RV park which was awesome! I couldn't believe how lucky we were! Michael heard somewhere that Niagara Falls as fireworks over the Falls throughout the summer, so we figure we will try and see it at some point later in our visit if we have the chance.

Michael and I made a stop by the Clinton Bailey Farmer's Market. It was a small market, and it had fruits and veggies, as well as honey and some other home goods. Again, there were only a few stalls when we went, and there were, of course, some stalls selling toys, jewelry, etc... It was fun to walk around, and we bought some radishes, but I doubt we would go back.

We also stopped by Old Fort Niagara! This fort is definitely worth a visit! Michael and I have seen a lot of forts as we've traveled across the USA, but this one was a lot of fun and beautiful. There is plenty of parking even with all the tour buses that show up. There is also a small lighthouse right next to the parking lot which is pretty and worth a couple of pictures. The fort has a small museum attached to it, and the parking fee you pay when you drive in is taken off the price of the tickets, so don't worry there. The museum is small but very nice. Once you are done with the museum, you can go out and wander around the fort. As you enter the second gate, look to your right, and there are a set of slightly hidden stairs that you are allowed to walk up. Keep on going, and you will have a great view of the whole fort from there to get some awesome pictures. Since the stairs are hard to see, few people are going up and down the stairs, which makes it even better! As you go into the courtyard, there are a couple of men in old time uniforms that fire off muskets every once in a while. Cover your ears if loud sounds startle you, otherwise, have your phone ready for taking a video. Michael and I discovered you could see Toronto from the fort! We had no idea, so bring your camera for some photos of the city across the water. Overall, we had a great time here and would love to visit again. It kind of reminded me of the castles you see in Europe, even though it was just a fort.

Yesterday, July 8th, Michael and I went to downtown Buffalo and sampled cuisine from all over the city at their Taste of Buffalo event. Yum! We had so much fun trying food from all sorts of restaurants. Some were good, and some not so good. It was such a great day! We even were able to try Burmese cuisine, which was different but scrumptious! Thank you to all the restaurants that showed up! It was bigger than Michael, and I would've ever guessed!

Pictures will come soon! As always, follow us on Twitter or Instagram for daily updates on our journey!