Buffalo, NY Week 3

Here's what we've been up to this week in Buffalo, New York! A lot of the time we spent in Canada, mainly because there is a lot of fun stuff over the border, so make sure to bring your passports.

When we ventured into Canada for a day trip, we stopped by the Bird Kingdom, which supposedly has the world's largest aviary. I will admit, I've been to a lot of aviaries, and this one was definitely a lot of fun. They have more than just parrots. They have some other creatures, like reptiles and bats. They also have a museum part about Egypt and anything that has to do with Niagara Falls.

The Bird Kingdom has "parrot encounters" where you can hold a parrot and take photos, but you can't take personal pictures. They want you to buy photos of you and the parrot... so it's up to you. We decided to skip that because we own parrots, so I have no major urge to handle their parrots.

The Bird Kingdom also has an area where you can feed Rainbow Lorikeets. Again, we decided to skip it because we've done it before and we didn't feel like paying for it. Their main aviary though is absolutely jaw-dropping, and we had so much fun taking photos while we were in there. Expect a lot of bird photos coming soon. In the end, I would highly recommend stopping by.

We also stopped by the Butterfly Pavilion, which was such a great time! If you haven't done something like this, you should! The butterflies seemed to like Michael's dad a lot because they kept landing on him. Unfortunately, no butterflies landed on Michael or me. I kept joking with Michael how fun it would be if a butterfly would land on his nose. Alas, we were not that lucky.

We will have a lot of fun photos posted about the Butterfly Pavilion as well. They had such a fantastic selection of butterflies! They even had some cocoons with butterflies emerging. Definitely, a great place to visit!

The last place we went and explored was the Whirlpool Aero Car, which was fun, but over fairly quickly. Be ready to take some great shots, but if seeing a majestic river flowing through a grand canyon is not your thing you might want to pass. We found it fun though because we loved the views you get from the car as it flies through the air.

These were the main things that we did over our third week! We can't wait to travel down to Boston though! There are so many things down there that we want to do!

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