Buffalo, NY Week 2

As a quick update, Michael and I will be staying in Buffalo for a couple more weeks before we head down to the Boston area. His grandmother passed, and we decided we'd like to be in the area for a little longer.

Michael and I had a lovely time exploring Buffalo this past week. We stopped by the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, which were terrific. There were so many flowers in bloom, and Michael and I agree that the desert house was one of our favorites. There were a lot of cacti in bloom. Just be careful you don't poke yourself on their spines because a few cacti were sticking out into the walkway. I joked with Michael that this would be a bad room to trip in! He laughed... a little!

We will have a ton of pictures to upload from the Botanical Gardens. There was also a beautiful koi pond! They have a bridge that you can walk over and watch the large fish swim all around. If you like plants, this would be a great place to stop and visit, and pretty cheap as well. There's plenty of parking outside, and if you like, it looks like there are plenty of grounds to walk, just be careful of the golfers.

If you go, make sure you walk through the children's room. When we went, there were no children there, but if you walk through the "boring" looking room, there is a nice sized pond on the outside and some beautiful flowers in bloom!

Michael and I also decided to go to the Penn Dixie Fossil Park. It's pretty simplistic but would be an excellent spot for families to go digging for fossils. Any fossils you find you get to keep. Michael and I found a lot of trilobite fossils and had a lot of fun. You get to dig around the shale trying to find fossils, so make sure you bring the sun lotion! Despite the fact that we're adults, we still had a lot of fun. Who doesn't love digging in the dirt?

We also went out and found a Burmese restaurant because we discovered our new passion for Burmese food when we visited A Taste Of Buffalo. It was so good! Yum! Michael and I are always up for trying something new, especially when it turns out to be so lip-smacking good!