Outer Banks, North Carolina Week 2

Our second week in the Outer Banks was fairly relaxed. We went to the beach, worked on the beach, played in the surf, and looked for awesome seashells by the seashore.

The one exciting activity for our second week was the hour-long helicopter ride we took with Coastal Helicopters. Michael and I have both agreed that it was well worth the money spent! We went on their Southern tour of the Outer Banks which included the Bodie Lighthouse, the Hatteras Lighthouse, two shipwrecks off the coast, and the beautiful coastline. Michael was busy taking photos, and I will be sure to post those as soon as possible!

While we were on the helicopter ride, we were able to see a lot of marine life, like sharks, one dolphin, sea turtles, schools of fish, brown rays (at least fifty separate sightings), and one giant manta who had two sharks swimming above him. The water was clear enough to make this trip exceptional. Even our pilot was surprised by our luck with seeing the giant manta ray. He said he's only seen one of those in all his years of flying!

I'm sure I already mentioned this but walking the beach at night is a blast with all the crabs scurrying across the sand.

We also brought Kumquat to the beach in his pak-o-bird stroller. He found it fun to watch the seabirds.

Other than the helicopter ride, we took it really easy. Now we are in Richmond, VA! I wonder what we will find to do up here!