Richmond, VA Week 2

Sorry, this latest post came a little later! Michael and I have been busy getting everything set up here in Harrisburg, PA!

Whew! Don't even get us started about the drive between Williamsburg and Harrisburg! We went between Baltimore and Washington D.C., and that drive was insane. We don't recommend that route! At all! Our RV totals about 50 feet with the car that we trailer... and in that kind of traffic it can be iffy at best. The point is, we recommend taking the long route!

Anyways, we had a splendid time in Richmond/Williamsburg/Yorktown/Jamestown. The second week was relatively easy going, but we did explore Yorktown and the battlefield.

The Yorktown Battlefield was less of a walking museum and more of a scenic drive with history, which I found amazing. We wouldn't recommend any low profile cars go to Goerge Washington's Headquarters because the GTI barely made it and we have 5 inches of clearance at our lowest point. Yikes! There is a small creek you have to go over that is filled with large rocks. I managed to get it over the creek but wouldn't do it again!

The Yorktown Battlefield has a small museum but it's a lot of fun to walk through, and the battlefield right next to it is fun to look at. I wish we could have gone there while they had their drumming and musket shooting. It would've been fun to see some history in action.

One of the best spots on our drive was the Moore House which was beautiful and in the best location for pictures. It would be my dream house, if it were in the right spot, like Colorado. The old oak trees that surrounded it made it magical and perfect. Highly recommend a drive to the Moore House!

We almost had a hitchhiker the day we left Williamsburg! A little green frog, who will be featured in our images in the upcoming days, almost came up to Harrisburg with us! He is a cute little amphibian, but we had to tell him we had enough pets! So, I made sure he hopped off before we got on our way!

Feel free to browse our images as we upload them throughout the week!