Richmond, VA

Our first week has gone pretty well here in Virginia. We are far enough inland that we aren't being bombarded by too much humidity on these hot days! Also, we usually have a fairly consistent breeze which always helps when you're walking around outside.

The first day we arrived here it was pouring cats and dogs. So, we got to do the fun task of taking the car off the dolly in the rain and mud and then got the RV all settled in its spot. Once we were done, so was the rain! Sigh.

We've only done one thing this week. We explored both of the Jamestown sites! One is where Jamestown actually stood, and the other is a replication to show what it might have looked like back in the 1600's. Both sites were terrific, but we recommend setting aside a whole day for them, depending on how fast you move through because each is jam-packed with historical insights. Each site as its own museum, which took about an hour or more to get through!

The first Jamestown site we went to was the Historical Jamestown, which is where archeologists are currently uncovering more of the site and exposing artifacts long lost. They have an extensive museum with all the artifacts they've recovered from the site, like pots, shells, jewelry, and skeletons. They've also uncovered some scary facts about history, like when the colonists at Jamestown resorted to cannibalism to get through the 1609-1610 winter! They have a young woman's body that shows marks of cannibalism! You can't help but feel a deep sadness for this girl and hope to never be in those colonists shoes.

Another reason Jamestown has always been so famous is that of the childhood story we've all been told, Pocahontas! They have a statue of her there, along with a John Smith statue. A lot of the site is outside, so be ready for a lot of walking and try to go on a day that isn't too hot, because it can get a bit humid over there.

On our way over to the next site, we stopped by the Jamestown Glasshouse and watched them make glass! It was a lot of fun to see how they did it. I could never imagine working that close to such a hot flame. The kiln has such a massive roaring fire that you can hear it swirling around inside. It's definitely worth a stop, and they have a small museum further back that shows the glasshouse from the 1600's.

The other Jamestown site we went to was the Jamestown Settlement. This is the replica they made to show what it would've looked like back when. You can go in and out of all the buildings, and they have some actors there pretending to be from the 1600's. They also had a pen of chickens, which made me (Lily) super excited because who doesn't love talking to chickens?

Not only do they have a replica of the Jamestown settlement, but they also have a replica of an Indian village from that time. It was a lot of fun to learn about them and see how they lived back then. We learned that they lived in nuclear family homes, and how the home was set up inside.

They also have some ship replicas in the river, which you are allowed to explore! It was so much fun to explore around on the ship, but be careful because all the rooms are about five feet high, so there is a lot of leaning over to make sure you don't bonk your head.

They also have a massive museum, filled with amazing exhibits! You can pretend like you're walking through England as you learn about history, or walk through villages as you learn about Indian life. Definitely allow yourself a couple of hours to walk through this museum, because they've done an excellent job putting it all together and there is so much information to take in.

We planned on doing Yorktown on the same day, but Jamestown just took too long! So we will do Yorktown when we get a free moment! Have fun and remember to explore the world around you!