Charleston, SC Week 2

Our second week in Charleston was a bit more relaxed than the first week. We decided to stay in a bit more to avoid the heat and humidity which we are not used to in Colorado! I can definitely say that we miss that dry heat!

That said, we did see a couple of excellent tourist attractions in our second week.

The first one was the Old Jail in downtown Charleston built in the early 1800's I believe and used up until WWII. (I'm writing this from memory, so for exact dates, you'll either have to take the tour or look it up online!) Anyways, we took the Haunted Jail Tour at 9:00 pm for a spookier effect. We used Bulldog Tour group, which I believe is the only company that can do tours at the Old Jail. Michael went for the history, and I went for the possibility of seeing ghosts! Scary! In the end, I didn't catch anything on my photos, although there is a cool photo I plan on uploading to our site where three dust particles lined up perfectly to make a smiley face, which was either excellent timing or manipulated by a ghost. You can decide.

There were definitely times during the tour that I felt a bit uneasy and maybe saw an apparition, but I'm still debating with myself on that. Another woman in our group heard a scream while she was still in the hallway, so there might be someone in there haunting those old rooms after all. If you're into something scary I would recommend this one, and you still get a bit of history which is always fun.

The other activity we did was the Fort Sumter tour, which was about a 30-minute boat ride to the island and back and you get about an hour on the island to explore. It was built near the Civil War, and it was a lot of fun to see. I would definitely recommend some sea sickness medicine if you're the queasy type because the day we went out that boat was a rockin'! It was a lot of fun to walk around and see/hear the history. They have a lot of cannons out for people to take a look at and a little museum there about the history and time period of the fort. One sad fact about the fort was the fact that slaves had made all the bricks. Handmade! They even told us that you could still see fingerprints in the bricks from those very slaves. I never found a brick with a noticeable fingerprint, but the history of it was incredible to experience. This was well worth the money and a spot for any military/history buff. I should make mention of the fact that we saw a lot of dolphins while we did this tour, so it could be a good place for any dolphin fanatics to get their pictures.

Other than those two things, Michael and I didn't do anything else that week. We just worked from the RV, played with the birds, and tried to keep cool in the warm weather.