Charleston, South Carolina Week 1

We had a rough start to week one in Charleston. If you follow our Instagram, you know what we're talking about! After that it's been pretty good though!

We've had so much fun here! I highly recommend coming to Charleston for a visit. Just make sure you come here for a while because there is so much to do! Michael and I won't be able to do everything that we want in two weekends. Guess we'll just need to come back!

The first thing we did when we got here was take a horse-drawn carriage ride! We were lucky enough to get to go through the residential area. When you go on a carriage ride they disperse the carriages through-out the city, so even the carriage riders don't know where they'll be going until their told. So every carriage ride you go on could be different! How exciting! The residential area was so much fun. The houses were worth one million or more and absolutely gorgeous. I loved how they had upper and lower decks for air flow. It didn't cost too much, and the carriages are covered slightly to defend against the hot sun. We used Charleston Carriage Works for our ride, and I loved every moment of it. The trip wasn't as bumpy as one might expect either, and our guide was very informative.

Something we recommend is that you find a place to sit by the waterside and watch the sunset. It is breath-taking and so beautiful when it reflects off the water.

Do be ready for the hot days here in Charleston though. Take a water bottle with you! I can't believe how much water we drink, and we're still having trouble keeping hydrated!

After our carriage ride, we found ourselves hungry and in need of some sustenance. We happened upon Hyman's Seafood, and we both loved it. We ordered their Fish #3 - Flounder Fried and one of the Salmon Croquettes for an appetizer. Delicious! If you go to the restroom, make sure to look at the business cards they have with funny sayings/notes on life. If they have a wait, look and see if there is any seating in the bar area, because it might be open and they serve the full menu there. Also, as a side note to anyone 21+, their red Sangria is thirst quenching great!

Another thing to do - just walk around and explore! Even on the hottest day, there was always a pleasant breeze whipping through the streets and alleys. You can walk to the Water Park where there is a Pineapple Fountain and take a seat under the shade of the trees while you watch the waterfront. Or you can sit down and watch people walk past. There are plenty of benches, a lot of them in the shade. There are many architecturally pleasing buildings to take a look at, like churches, homes (Rainbow Row), and even some cobbled streets.

We took a harbor tour from Charleston Harbor Tours, and we had a great time. I would advise people who tend towards seasickness to take a pill before the tour because depending on where you sit and how rough the water is, you might get sick. Michael and I made sure to line up well before other people so we could get a seat at the front of the ship. Just walk past the captain's area, and you'll find a great position for picture taking. We saw some dolphins, but I wasn't quick enough to take any photos before they disappeared, but it was fun to see them! The tour is very informative, and you get close to a lot of exciting things, like Fort Sumter and the beautiful bridge they have in Charleston. I would recommend going on their 6:00 pm tour to see the beautiful sunset from the water.

We also ate at The Griffon Pub, where we found some of the best cheap eats we've had so far in Charleston! Recommended! They also have one dollars stapled to everything in the pub, which is so much fun!

Since it's warm enough for the birds to be outside the RV, we whipped out the bird stroller and strolled Kumquat around. He seems to enjoy being in it, so we will slowly build him up to going out in crowds. Don't want to overwhelm him!

We can't wait for the second week in Charleston and all that we have to explore!