Journey from Denver, CO to Knoxville, TN

Michael and I ordered a car dolly and decided to have it shipped to his family's house in Knoxville, TN. So we rushed our way from Denver, CO down to TN. But we made a couple stops along the way and enjoyed some areas for good food and shopping!

Kansas City, MO was our first stop, and we stayed for a week at Trailside RV Park and Propane. We enjoyed our stay here, but we made the decision not to hook up to water because their faucet leaked water when it was on. So we had to keep filling our fresh water tank. To say it was annoying would be an understatement, but it leaked a lot of water, enough to make a small pond in the time it took to fill our fresh water tank. The spots aren't even by any means, but it was close to the highway, and it was a cheaper place to stay. I would probably try to find another park to stay at if we ever go back to Kansas City, but again it wasn't horrible. We've stayed at worse!

While staying in Kansas City, Michael and I made a stop at Arthur Bryant's. It was a BBQ place he'd seen on TV, and he really wanted to stop by, so we went over there for lunch. There is plenty of parking if you go around the building. We really enjoyed our meal of burnt ends, but one dish fed both of us with leftovers, so start small and go back for more if you need! We still haven't finished all the leftovers.

We also visited Smokehouse Barbecue. We had a lot of fun eating their food. We ordered the corn nuggets, which were terrific, but they don't make good leftovers, so eat those at the restaurant while they're fresh! Their barbecue was amazing, and we enjoyed every bite. We ordered one of their platters, which had a variety of the BBQ so we could have a sample of everything and we again walked home with leftovers.

One of the days we were there we made a stop at The City Market, and I highly recommend making this a stop when you pass through. It was so much fun and would be an ideal place to grab some lunch. Make sure you go on a Saturday or Sunday when they have the farmer's market, but also be careful with parking. There is limited space when it gets busy, but we were lucky both days and found prime spots nearby, but it was hard. Their train/trolley system runs on the same street, so if you park further away, you can try to make sure you can take the train to The City Market. The Italian shop is a must! Their imported prosciutto was amazing! Don't even try the domestic prosciutto it was nasty! We also bought some fresh mozzarella. Their apricot cookies are definitely worth a nibble as well. The fruit and veggie stores had amazing deals on fruit and veggies. I've never bought so much produce for so little money! There is a wonderful place to get beignets, and there is a coffee shop that is wonderful. Just explore and have some fun!

Next door to The City Market, there is a wonderful Asian Market, I believe the name was, Chinatown. It is a big red building that you can't miss, and everything Asian that you want is in there. Go on over and take a look!

When we left Kansas City to get to Knoxville, TN we decided to make a stop in between for just a night, because it was a long drive and we didn't want to drive too long during the night. We made a stop at Clarksville RV Park and Campground. It was amazing! It was a more expensive RV park, but the spots were so flat, and the whole area was well taken care of. The trees were in bloom, and I took a picture of the RV near the trees because it was so picture perfect. They also sell propane, which is super convenient.