Johnson City/Bristol, Tennessee

Michael and I have been enjoying our time here in the Tri-Cities area.

We drove by the Bristol race track on our way to downtown. Maybe someday Michael and I will drag race the GTI over there, but the drag strip isn't open yet. It also might be interesting to come up for a NASCAR race. Who knows, maybe we'll come back to do that. We did enjoy walking through downtown Bristol. The main street is divided between two states, Virginia and Tennessee. It was fun to cross the street and be in a different state. There were also a lot of antique stores, so if you enjoy shopping, this might be the place for you! Good thing we live in a motorhome so I can't buy anything!

Michael and I enjoyed having drinks at Macado's with his father. The staff was friendly, and it had a pleasant atmosphere. There is plenty of space at the bar.

Then we went across the street and had dinner at Greene's Seafood. It doesn't look like much from outside or inside, but the food there is hot and fresh, and we would definitely go back! I enjoyed the po'boy, and Michael enjoyed his Alaskan white fish meal.

Another restaurant we enjoyed was Cootie Brown's. It was super busy, and the food was excellent. It's a local chain as far as I'm aware.

Michael and I got out of the motorhome and explored some nearby caverns: the Appalachian Caverns and the Bristol Caverns. Both are close to Johnson City and Bristol and were so much fun!

The Appalachian Caverns had a few bats. They said they have more during the summer months. The structures inside the cave were fun to look at and it there was even a small waterfall after the recent rains. I'm not sure if the waterfall is there when there isn't rain, but it might be best to come during the rain to see it! These caverns were easy to walk through, and you wouldn't need to be fit to do it.

The Bristol Caverns were my (Lily) favorite, but a little more effort regarding steep steps and a lot of them. I think it's worth it though because I thought the structures inside were stunning compared to the Appalachian Caverns. Either though makes a great place to go, and you can even do them both in one day because they are so close!

We enjoyed walking around Johnson City and looking at all the old buildings that have been converted, like all the old train stations.

While in Johnson City we ate at Frieberg's which was amazing. Both Michael and I enjoyed the schnitzel, but the plate sizes are enormous, so you can definitely share unless you want to bring home some leftovers.

And the fun isn't over! We are staying in the area for another week!