Knoxville, Tennessee

Michael and I drove to Knoxville to visit some of his family in the area, but we ended up needing something else repaired on the RV, so the motorhome is being serviced while we stay at his parent's house. Thankfully, they like us! We also need to decide if we want to repair our hydraulic system, which levels the motorhome, or if we want to just get back on the road. So... we will see how long that might take and how long his parents are willing to let us stay!

So much for getting on the road! But this is stuff that happens. Houses have problems, and our motorhome is our house, so of course, it will need maintenance.

On better news, we've been having a pretty good time here. We've been slowly exploring what Knoxville has to do.

For my birthday (Lily), we ate at Nama in downtown, which was terrific! They had the best salmon skin roll I've eaten in a long time. Their Atlantic roll was also lip-smacking good. The unagi was okay, but the rolls were good enough for me to come back. They also have half off Thursdays, which is fantastic! Good thing we don't live here, otherwise I'd be at Nama every Thursday.

We enjoyed some dessert just down the road at Coolato Gelato. I enjoyed their blackberry pear gelato. And they have some other desserts if gelato isn't your thing.

Another place we ate at was Over The Top Donuts, which was beyond amazing. They really do have over the top donuts. Take a look at our Images section to see a photo of the delicious donuts. I'm definitely going back for more. You can even order a plain doughnut with nothing on it, just delicious fried dough. Yum!

While staying at his parent's house, we had a car dolly delivered, and now we have our own car dolly for traveling the USA! No more renting car dollies from U-haul, which won't only save us money but time when we want to move on to another town.

Michael and I spent our Sunday walking around downtown Knoxville near the Market Square. They had some beautiful trees blooming, which we got pictures of. I have no idea what they are called, but I love them. There are some beautiful parks near Market Square. We still need to go to the World Fair Park; maybe we will do it this weekend.

As we walked around the area, we found a store that will thrill all ages: Coffee & Chocolate. We have pictures up in the Images section, but they had a wide range of gorgeously created chocolates. We picked up a box to give to his parents as a thank you, and I bought a Hot Chili chocolate which was smooth and silky with a hint of spice. Now, all we have to do is go back to have some coffee.

We also enjoyed some lunch at Not Watson's Kitchen + Bar. Michael had a cheeseburger, and I had the Market Bennie, and we have no complaints. The tater tots were fresh and crunchy, and the flavor was there. The only thing to mention is that the eggs they use for their Market Bennie were closer to hard boiled than anything, so be sure to ask for runny eggs!

Last, but definitely not least, we spent some time at Vienna Coffee House and enjoyed a cup of coffee and lunch. For some reason, we had a bit of an issue when it came to ordering, but overall we love this place. I definitely prefer to go here for a coffee or quiche or pastry.

We've also uploaded a few new videos to our Youtube channel: CruisingCaique. Feel free to check them out, and we will be adding some new ones over the next couple weeks as well.