Rediscovering Colorado After a Year and One Month

Now that we’ve been back for a week, people keep asking us how it feels to be back, and we respond with, “It feels like we never left.”

But seriously. Michael and I feel like we haven’t even left on the RV adventure… that’s how fast it passes. We loved the ability to travel, and we are so thankful we jumped at the opportunity, but we are also excited to get back to house living. Michael expressed interest in doing weekend or long weekend trips around the USA by flying out to places, and I find myself eager to explore the idea a little more! We also hope to do a little more international travel, but first, we need to find a house.

Just so people know, the first week we came back from the RV life, we did put in an offer on a house, but we lost the house due to a little bidding war with another couple. I know, it happens. It’s just sad because we really did like the house, but it’s okay because we will find an even better house!

The first week back has been about eating… seriously. We had to hit up a Mod Market. If you’ve never been, they are a great sit-down-fast-healthy-food place. Yum! They’ve always got something for Michael and me.

Then we had to go back to Euclid Hall. This restaurant is downtown Denver, but there’s always parking in the lot across the street. You’ll have to pay, but we’ve always found a spot there. Otherwise, there is another parking lot, that you still have to pay at, that is to the west of the restaurant. This place is for all the foodies out there that like trying something new or trying something old that’s been done well. Usually, Michael and I get an appetizer of bone marrow, because it is lip-smacking good! I know a lot of people are put off by what it is, but it’s like a juicy, fatty steak but ten times better. It generally comes with toasted bread and some charred onions. Michael enjoys the sausages there, while I think you can’t go wrong with anything. They even have the longest beer list I’ve seen anywhere, and we just finished traveling half the country in a motorhome!

We hope everyone has a great holiday and your New Year starts well! I plan on getting some vacations planned because the travel bug is still biting me!