Ending the RV Life!

As some people might know, Michael and I are ending the RV life. We traveled for the past year and one month, and we wouldn’t have traded it for anything. The experiences we collected and the sub-cultures of America that we were able to experience are something few people have gotten the pleasure of enjoying.

Where was our favorite place, you ask? That’s a difficult question. Michael would say the Outer Banks or Charleston were his favorite places. His family used to visit the Outer Banks when he was younger, so not only does he love the beach, but it brought back fond family memories. And I would agree with him. The Outer Banks and Charleston have to be my top two favorite places as well. Charleston was so beautiful with the old house architecture, and there was always something to do there. I would love to go back and be able to explore the city and surrounding area some more. My third favorite place would have to be Boston. There was so much history there, but they blended old and new buildings seamlessly.

Some things went well on the RV journey, and some things went wrong. Overall, it was a great experience though and if you ever find yourself able to take the leap, do it!

Soon, we will get the RV cleaned up and ready to sell, so if you’re looking for a 32’ motorhome, keep watching the blog! I’ll let you all know when it’s ready for a new adventurer!

You’re probably wondering what we will talk about on the blog… let me reassure that the blog shall continue! Michael and I will still talk about our travels, travel tips and tricks, the birds, and of course our lives!

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