New Orleans, Louisiana - Week 2 - Part2

On Sunday, Michael and I headed into New Orleans, parked the car and walked down Canal Street until we found a cross street that led us to Cafe Beignet. We were tasked by my mother (Lily’s) to check out some places in New Orleans because my mother and other family members are coming to New Orleans after we leave. Great timing, huh?

Cafe Beignet was a pleasant surprise after the fiasco that was Cafe Du Monde. Cafe Beignet actually felt like a cafe, and it was cozy. Those beignets… no words can explain how pillowy soft and delicious they were. The coffee was pretty darn good as well. This definitely needs to be a spot everyone needs to hit up. We specifically visited the one on Royal Street.

After our mouthwatering breakfast, we headed over to the Carousel Bar. It’s so unique! As you can assume, it was busy though. There are only about ten seats around the bar that slowly spins around, but if you can find a seat, it would definitely be worth it! The Carousel Bar is inside the Hotel Monteleone. Just go through the lobby and take a right and you’ll be inside the Carousel Bar.

After that, we walked down Royal Street towards Canal Street and boarded one of the trolley cars. Again, this is something I think people should do. Just riding around in the trolley can be a fun experience in itself.

We rode the train up to the French Market. We decided to walk the market again, this time a little slower to really enjoy everything it had to offer. We decided to stop at one of the food stalls and try out an Alligator On A Stick. I thought it would be fried alligator chunks, but it actually ended up being an alligator sausage. It was flavored well and worth a try if you haven’t had alligator.

After that, we walked a block or two away and went to Central Grocery. Supposedly, they are where the original muffuletta sandwich was created. We ordered a half sandwich, which was huge! A whole sandwich could probably feed four people, so just keep that in mind when ordering one of these delicious monsters. We took our half sandwich back over to French Street where we found a seat and ate.

As we were eating the muffuletta sandwich we noticed some grey clouds moving in, so we took a look at the radar and noticed a sizeable heavy storm moving our way. We packed up our stuff and headed over to Frenchman Street. We were hoping to get a table at 30/-90… and we were lucky enough to get the last table available. Michael ordered a gin and tonic while I had a local beer. Right as our drinks were served, rain was dumped from the sky. It was perfect. We were sitting in a bar, listening to jazz, drinking something good, while it poured outside. Perfect.

Eventually, we ordered their bruschetta, which was yum yum yummy! And we continued to listen to jazz while watching the rain. We probably had about 3 to 4 inches of still water on the road, and it was slowly crawling over the sidewalk and toward the entrance of the bar. Impressive to say the least. Their outdoor space was flooded with the water reaching the doorframe, which was about 3 - 4 inches high! At one point, the power went out briefly, which didn’t stop the jazz, just the vocals, and then it came back on with a cheer from the full bar. Then, right as it seemed that the water would reach the doorway, the rain stopped, and the water slowly retreated. When the streets were once more walkable, we headed home!