New Orleans, Louisiana - Week 3

We took this weekend a little easier, but we still got around New Orleans. It’s hard to believe we’ve been in New Orleans for three weeks with only one week left. It’s gone by in a flash, and both Michael and I are astonished. Soon we’ll be leaving for our next destination.

On Saturday, we drove into New Orleans, parked the car at a garage, bought a couple of trolley tickets at a Walgreens, and headed up to Cypress Grove Cemetery and walked around that cemetery while taking photos. It was interesting to learn that people in the New Orleans area are placed into mausoleums, which are above ground graves. We learned they might have done this because of the high water table and marshy area, and because they may have adopted the practice from France, where it was popular. What a fun fact!

If you enjoy cemeteries, you should definitely check them out. Either way, you should head up that way to take a stop at the Hurricane Katrina Memorial. The memorial is inside a gated ceremony, but all you have to do is walk up and open the gate. Don’t be afraid to step right up. It was sad to learn that over 1,100 people lost their lives and some of those people weren’t known or claimed by family. We thought it was interesting that the area was very quiet, even though it was placed right by a busy road. Michael and I agreed that we should have brought some flowers with us, but you can always do what we didn’t think of until we were there.

After that, we took the trolley over to Bevi Seafood Company restaurant. If you’re looking for some delicious local eats, this is the place. We shared a soup and sandwich combo. The fried shrimp po’boy was oh-so-good, and their sweet potato soup was beyond scrumptious. Even Michael thought the soup was good, and when he likes soup, they’ve done something good!

From there, we headed over to City Park, which we only were able to explore a fraction of before the cold set it. From what we did see, it is a great park to walk or bike around, or if you’re like us, you can go there to play some Pokemon Go. There are Pokemon Stops everywhere! And you won’t be the only ones, because it seems to be a Pokemon people hang out. While we walked around, we saw them getting their holiday lights set up. I can only imagine what it will look like once the holidays come around and the lights are lit up.

I want to note that if you have a car, you should just drive and park near the New Orleans Art Museum if you're going to see the cemeteries or City Park because it does take a long time to take the trolley from the French Quarter. Longer than you think and you don’t want to waste time riding the trolley. You want to see the sights!

Then we headed home before it got too cold!

On Sunday, Michael and I woke up with the expectation that we would get a lot done. We even woke up early! But we ended up having an even lazier day than the one before! So much for that, but we still went into New Orleans.

We parked near the New Orleans Botanical Gardens, and then we walked over to Morning Call, a cafe in the middle of City Park. We walked inside and then realized that all you have to do is find a seat and they will come to your table. As a note, they are cash only! After we took a seat, we ordered an order of beignets, of course, and Michael had an ice tea, and I ordered a decaf coffee. We got the drinks without any problems, but our waitress kept forgetting the beignets. In apology, she brought us an extra order of beignets and another coffee for me. So, Michael and I were very pleased.

Once we finished with our brunch, and once we were done playing a little Pokemon Go, we headed over to the Botanical Gardens. It ended up being smaller than any other Botanical Gardens I’ve been to, but it was still beautiful. There was plenty to explore and when we went the tickets were only around $8 a person. A great price! Not only did we get some stunning pictures of flowers, but we also saw plenty of wild butterflies and lizards running around. It was a great time, and we recommend a visit!

After that, we were feeling tired for some reason and called it quits. We headed back to the RV so we could do some chores and hang with the birds.