Memphis, TN Week 1

We’ve had quite the busy weekend! I feel like we crammed as many activities into two days that we could! But it feels good to finally be back to exploring.

We ate some sushi twice this week at two different spots near our RV park, so we’ll let you know about them next week. So yummy!

On Saturday we decided we wanted to check out the Memphis Zoo. Although small, it turned out to be one of the best zoos Michael and I’ve been to so far. All the animals they have are so active, and they have a lot of activities, like seal shows and feedings of the animals that are spread out over the entire day. Don’t pass up this activity! And it’s also pretty cheap. If you love seeing wild animals up close, then this is the place to visit.

For dinner that night Michael had heard of a great BBQ place that he really wanted to check out. We drove over to Memphis BBQ Company and oh man was it good! They give each table a complimentary basket of fresh pork rinds. Can we say yum? We ordered their sausage and cheese platter. The sausage was excellent and juicy, but the cheese park was lacking. All they’d done was cut up small pieces of plain ol’ cheddar. We had a pork platter, I believe, and that was really good. Then for dessert, we had their blackberry creme brulee, and yum yum in my tum tum! It was a super sweet dessert, but it was delicious. Thankfully, Michael helped to polish off that part of the meal.

On Sunday we parked in downtown Memphis and walked over to the Mississippi Boat Tours office. We bought a couple of tickets, which weren’t too expensive and went on their boat tour. A word to the wise, get there 30-40 minutes early because they really boarded early and the boat was super crowded. It was like they oversold their tickets. Despite that, we enjoyed the boat tour, but I’m not sure if I would pay for it again. The guide was a little over talkative and although some good stories were told you could probably walk the bank and find this all out for free, and there was nothing spectacular from the boat’s view.

After the boat tour was done, we walked down Beale Street, which is supposed to be something you should do. It was a busy, interesting street with a statue of Elvis. Although a small city, I have to admit that Memphis smells pretty bad so be prepared to have your nose crinkle a few times as you walk through the streets. We ate some lunch at Silky’s and although decent, I probably wouldn’t eat there again.

As it neared 5:00 pm, we walked over to The Peabody Hotel where we hoped to get a look at the Peabody ducks… you better get there an hour early to claim your spot because when we got there the lobby was jam-packed with people and we were barely able to get a good look at the ducks. I mean, yes, they are just some mallard ducks, but I love birds, so I really wanted to see it. It’s a free attraction, so go ahead and try to get a good look! But be there early.

Overall, we had a decent time in Memphis, and we can’t wait to explore more next Saturday.

Just as a quick side note:

We would have visited Graceland, but it was just too expensive. The lowest price was $40 per person, and it went up from there! We might want to know more about Elvis, but we aren’t that eager to see his house.