New Orleans, Louisiana Week 1

For our first weekend in Louisiana, we took things fairly easy. Some of the reason we went RVing fulltime was for relaxation. We just wanted to get away from the busy city life of Denver, CO.

So, Saturday was spent just doing random chores around the RV, like filling up the tires, putting up Halloween decorations, and doing some laundry.

On Sunday, however, we chose to drive over to Oak Alley Plantation, and despite its high entrance fee at $25 per person, it was unbelievably stunning. The entrance has this above ground pond created out of a sugar cane kettle… I want one. I think Michael thought I was joking, but I want one. I just don’t know how much or where someone could get one of those… much less how someone would move it! It looks heavy!

As you walk towards the main area, don’t forget to take your time and look at the trees around you. Although not as impressive as the trees you’ll see later, they have their own beauty that should be enjoyed and appreciated.

Once you get to the main walkway, you can either go to your left to the Big House or your right to the slave homes and cane fields. We chose to go the ‘correct’ way, and we went to our right. It was interesting to read about all the African Americans who’d come through this plantation. Usually, you get general information, but Oak Alley has done a fantastic job in finding and collecting information. Be prepared to learn a lot, but as you can assume, there weren’t many happy endings, even for the first owners of the plantation.

After you’re done exploring this area, you can head over to the front of the Big House. Before or after your tour don’t forget to take some photos and walk through all the enormous oak trees… and try not to get knocked on the head by dropping acorns!

During your inside tour, you won’t be allowed to take photos, so take a lot of photos from outside!

Highly recommended! Look for soon to be uploaded photos!