Murfreesboro, Arkansas Week 1

Michael and I only spent one week in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, because there was only one activity we were interested in… ahem… I was interested in.

The Diamond Dig State Park! Who doesn’t want to dig in the mud and try to find a diamond? I can’t remember how I heard about it, but a few years ago, I heard that there was a state park that allowed visitors to dig for diamonds in a long extinct volcano… so when Michael and I decided to go on this rving adventure, I made it very clear to him that this had to be a destination!

Although we didn’t find a diamond, we did get a lot of exercise, and we did have a pretty good time. I only got stuck in the mud once… so badly that I couldn’t get my foot out and Michael had to come over and help while trying not to get stuck himself. He yanked and yanked, but couldn’t dislodge me, so I had to take my foot out of the boot while he yanked the boot out of the mud. Thank goodness we bought rainboots for this little adventure. Otherwise, I would’ve needed a bath!

You definitely need to give wet shifting a try because the conversations that go on over the watering trough cannot be missed! Ha! I wish I could write it out, but it was a situation where you just have to be there to get the jokes! Let’s just say there were a lot of men there, like Michael, who were dragged there by their significant other in search of a diamond!

Someone did find a small diamond that day, which was cool to hear about. I don’t know about Michael, but I want to go back next year when it’s drier so we can dry sift through the dirt, rather than wet sift.

We stayed at Castle Keepers RV Park, and although it was a fairly spartan RV Park, we did have a good experience. The wifi was barely useful, so you better have a hotspot… or two. There were full hookups, and we only spent about $190 for a week, which is definitely not too bad! The spots are unpaved and uneven, but if you’ve got leveling jacks, it’s nothing to worry about.

On Sunday, we left for New Orleans! We will be staying in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area for the next month… unless a tropical storm or hurricane come this way. We’ve already discussed leaving if such storms were to come close. No reason to risk it!