Memphis, TN Week 2

Somehow, I forgot to write this week’s post on Monday! Whoops!

Our last week in Memphis was more or less exploring the food. Michael loves himself some good BBQ, so we did our best to get him some, and I think his favorite ended up being from the Memphis BBQ Company. Other than BBQ, we also enjoyed some sushi from a couple of local places. Fuji Japanese express was pretty good and cheap! Also, it was really close to the RV park we were staying at, so convenient. Then there was Naru Japanese Restaurant, and they also had delicious sushi, but at a higher cost.

We loved the RV park we stayed at, EZ Daze RV Park. 5 stars from us and is definitely the place to park your RV for Memphis. Easy commute in and out of Memphis and so many shopping areas were around us. We could find anything we wanted. There was also an RV shop right next door, which made it easy for us to find a few light bulbs that’d been fairly elusive for the past few months.

On Saturday, we enjoyed popping back into Memphis to have Afternoon Tea at the Peabody Hotel. This was something I wanted to do, and Michael just went along because he is such a great guy! The Afternoon Tea was amazing, although we walked home with leftovers because although the tasty treats are small, there were a lot of them! I mean a lot. My favorite part of the experience was the fact that the room was quiet and it was easy for Michael and myself to discuss what we wanted to do in the future. Yep, that’s right. We are already trying to come up with plans for the future… to continue rving next year or not to. That is the question we are trying to answer.

On Sunday, all we did was pack up the RV and leave Memphis behind. We are currently staying in Arkansas (Fun fact: where Michael was born). We plan on staying here until we leave for New Orleans! Exciting! That is one city we’ve been itching to hit up.

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