Cozumel, Mexico

No, we did not drive the RV to Cozumel... we flew there! Michael and I parked our RV and went on a family vacation with the Thomas's.

Michael and I had one goal while in Cozumel - getting me open water certified. I'm proud to say I am now an open water diver! Michael and I have already done a few dives, and I must admit that it's one of the greatest things I've done. We both are also Nitrox certified (a different combination of nitrogen and oxygen). Now as we travel the USA we can also do a little diving.

We had a great time in Cozumel. Michael and I are already planning our January 2019 vacation to some where we can dive, if possible. Maybe it will be Cozumel again.

We swam beside sharks, spotted eagle rays, moray eels, and ginormous lobsters. There will be plenty of pictures in our images section!

Besides diving and getting certified, we explored the island. Punta Sur on the south end of the island was actually really fun. There was a lighthouse that you can climb to the top of, but beware, the staircase is slippery and small. There was also a small cafe with a beautiful view of the waves crashing up on the beach. There is also a spot for snorkeling, Michael and I didn't snorkel, but we hear it is one of the best spots.

The Mayan ruins are also worth a visit in the middle of the island. It's quite a walk, so you might want to go when it's cooler. We were definitely sweating a lot, but it was beautiful and full of history. It was our first time seeing any Mayan ruins, and I can't wait to see more.

We ate at several fantastic restaurants. There is a tiny place off the side of the road owned by Diego. It doesn't look like much, but it is absolutely amazing with fresh seafood. I don't know the name, but it's on Av. Rafael E. Melgar - the little side road that only goes south for cars.

We also enjoyed lobster at La Cabaña del Pescador "Grill" Lobster House (the restaurant to the south - there are two, but this one only serves lobster, nothing else). You can never go wrong coming here. I promise.

Kondesa was another restaurant Michael and I enjoyed. We both agreed it was one of the best we've been to in the world. We especially enjoyed the Mar y Tierra (Surf and Turf). Their mojitos are also amazing. You really can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Sadly, we didn't enjoy their sister restaurant, Kinta.

That's basically what we did down there for eight days. Eat, drank, and dove!