We Are Moved In!

Michael and I have moved the birds into the RV! We have also moved in all the essentials to living in the RV.

The dinette table is the play area for the birds. We lay down a large towel and lay out all the toys for the birds. Everyone seems to be happy in the RV. It took a couple days for the adjustment period, but the birds appear to be comfortable and happy!

We've come up with a way to save on propane while we are parked in the driveway. The RV is hooked up to the house power, so we are running a space heater in the living space of the RV to help out the furnace. This way we save on propane and don't have to drive out to get more, because driving a 32' RV can be a pain near Denver.

We also have a small 150 watt heater in the tank bay under the RV to keep the tanks from freezing while we experience a little cold spell. It's been working really well for us. This heater is again running off house power, and we'd be able to do it while at an RV park.

There is a 5' Christmas tree in the cabin of the RV! We can't believe it fit! But I'm sure happy it did.

Since we are still parked in the driveway we try to use the house restroom as much as possible, and the same goes for the stove. Why use the propane in the RV if we don't have to? The house gas never runs out! Same goes for the sewer system! The house tank never fills up!

Talking about the house, there is still a fair amount to be done, but I think we will have it listed for rent by next weekend. Let's hope it comes true!

See you all out there once we get going!