Dive Certified

Above photo is myself (Lily) and my stepfather.

Michael is already a certified scuba diver thanks to his job, so he convinced me to start my journey as a certified scuba diver, although it didn’t take much convincing. After a few try-scuba classes, one in the pool and one in the ocean, I was ready to take the plunge!

This upcoming weekend will finish my training so I can get certified at the end of January in Cozumel. I’m both excited and scared. I’m excited because it will be ultimate snorkeling, but scared because there are things that could go wrong… although this training should prevent those things from happening!

Now Michael will have a buddy, and we can explore the USA in dives as well as RV-ing around the country. Kumquat won’t be able to join us on our dives, but that’s ok because he will have plenty of land opportunities to join us on our outings.

To see a video of the scuba training take a look at our Youtube page: CruisingCaique